May 4

Touring Montana

by Vince Devlin Quick: What’s the fastest way to visit all 56 Montana county seats? The answer depends on whether you’re a crow or a computer whiz. A crow can fly the shortest route in 2,469.64 miles. That would allow it to zip over the Bitterroot Mountains from Hamilton to Superior while skipping Missoula, and make straight shots from […]

May 4

Writing a Will: Plan for the Future

by Marsha Goetting Did you know that how you’ve titled your real and personal property affects who receives it after you die? Title can also have unintended consequences for your survivors. Baby boomers take note: You need to take appropriate action to see that your hard-earned assets are distributed according to your wishes. If you don’t, Montana statutes […]

May 4

Spring Books: Poetry

by Barbara Theroux Poetry has come a long way in the past decades. Gone are the school “punishments” of memorizing poems, or the insistence of rhyme. Poetry slams and readings draw large audiences and thanks to programs like Poets in the Schools, young people are learning to appreciate and write their own poetry. New volumes to consider adding […]

May 1

Five Sisters: Still Together After 73 Years

In this remodeled house in the Mission Valley live five widowed women, all sisters, between the ages of 80 and 92. When the four oldest moved in with the youngest last year, 73 years had passed since they all had lived under the same roof. The home of their childhoods is just six or seven […]

Dec 22

Aging with Dementia: Housing Considerations

By: JENNIFER CROWLEY, RN CLCP MSCC Long-term care planning can be challenging but is one of the most important tasks to be completed for anyone living with Dementia.  One step required when planning for long-term care includes a review of housing options. Statistically, most Americans have a strong desire to remain in their own home […]

Dec 22

To Repair or Not: Real Estate Advice

By JOY EARLS Do you have a call list of essential home-repair contacts that is convenient and up to date? In most situations, there may be several approaches to the same problem. Some key contacts to keep handy will possibly be the warranty department, appliance repairman, sales department, or neighbor who is gone for the […]

Dec 22

Hospice and Respite Care

By DILLON KATO Caring for a parent or loved one who is getting older or has become sick is never easy, and it’s often difficult to try to make the right decisions for them and yourself. Many people make the choice that instead of moving into a nursing home, they wish to stay in their […]

Dec 22

Estate Planning Strategies for 2015

By STEVE DARTY Each January I promise to lose the holiday weight, set a few goals, and let my clients know if we need to update their estate planning strategies.  This year we have fewer changes to consider, though they could prove crucial depending on your estate.

Dec 22

Balance: Machine Identifies Trouble Areas

By: DILLON KATO “Losing balance does not have to be a normal part of the aging process,” Amy Downing says. Downing, a physical therapist and owner of Element Physical Therapy in Missoula, uses a state-of-the-art machine called the NeuroCom SMART EquiTest, to diagnose and treat balance problems. “It’s the best technology we have in the […]

Dec 22

Independent Living Column

By: BARBARA BLANCHARD When I was in my early 30s attending a seminar, I met a mature woman named Maggie Kuhn (1905-1995). She referred to herself as a “wrinkled radical” who thought that senior citizens “constituted America’s biggest untapped and undervalued human energy source.” She considered her wrinkles “badges of distinction.”