Apr 3

Effective Retirement Planning Means Guarding Against Key Risks of Retirement

Story by Nick Taber, for Montana 55 How long will you live in retirement? The answer to the age-old question truly is: we never know our own mortality. Sure, we may have an idea of our family medical history and longevity. We understand healthy eating habits and regular exercise should keep us on the right […]

Apr 3

Ways for Seniors – Even Those as Young as 55 – to Save Money

Story by Debbie Carlson, Tribune News Service Senior citizens can make their golden years shine even more by taking advantage of the many discounts offered by retailers. For years, it was mainly restaurants that offered seniors discounts, whether early-bird dinner specials or a free beverage with a purchase, and many continue to give seniors some […]

Apr 3

Grow Your Own Herbs: Keep Flavor at Your Fingertips

Story by Amy Grisak, for Montana 55 There’s no need to be relegated to the feeble taste of dried herbs in jars when they are so easy to grow in your own kitchen garden. Growing culinary herbs in containers or in the garden provides a world of exceptional flavor at your fingertips. As a general […]

Apr 3

New Services, Technologies Can Help with Aging in Place

Story by Katherine Roth, Associated Press There is nothing quite as devastating for many older people as having to leave the comfort of home because of poor health or limited mobility. But a new generation of services and technology is making it possible to stay at home longer, safely and happily, experts say. “Most people […]

Apr 3

Tips and Tricks for Successful Aging in Place

Story by Autumn Gaylor, for Montana 55 As the baby boomer population reaches 65 years of age and older, the growing concern for safety in the home and in the community rises. The number of people age 65 and over has continued to grow over the past 18 years and now accounts for more than […]

Apr 3

Dentures vs. Implants: What’s the Best Option for You?

Story by Kolby Kickingwoman, for Montana 55 The loss of teeth can have an adverse effect on life. Whether not being able to eat the foods you enjoy or having a lower self-esteem because of your appearance, tooth loss is no laughing matter. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, one in four people […]

Apr 3

Missoula’s St. Thomas House Offers Intimate Care in a Home Setting

Story by Elizabeth Rolle, for Montana 55 Visiting with various people who run small assisted living homes in the Missoula area spurred my inspiration. Each is unique in their approach, but most have a common history; one owner had to quit a job to take care of an aging family member, thus opening a home. […]

Apr 3

BeeHive Homes Allows Seniors to “Age in Place”

Story by Kolby Kickingwoman, for Montana 55 Montanans entering their golden years occasionally are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to move into an assisted living or nursing home. Assisted living homes have become increasingly popular for out-of-home care for seniors, and BeeHive Homes is a national franchise bringing a slightly different […]

Apr 3

Universal Design Concepts Allow Boomers to Age in Place

Housing needs for people aged 55 and older are changing across the country, and Montana is no different. A recent Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies report estimates that “by 2035, one in three U.S. households will be headed by someone 65 or older.” That’s more than 30 million people over the next 20 […]

Jan 16

Sharing the Harvest: Montana’s Community Gardens

AMY GRISAK for Montana 55 Gardens are a natural gathering place, so it’s no surprise community gardens are gaining popularity throughout Montana. From group efforts where friends share a garden to individual plots, these neighborhood growing spaces give everyone a chance to raise their own healthy food. And though the ground may be hard now, […]