BeeHive of Kalispell

by Chelsea Davis

The new 19-bed memory care home opened Feb. 10. It’s owned by Josh and Jessi Burlage, who moved to Kalispell after selling BeeHive Homes in Columbia Falls. This particular home is different from other assisted living facilities, Josh said, because it specifically caters to those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

It’s a secure facility set on 8.5 acres. Each resident has a private room with its own bathroom. Housekeeping is provided for the residents, including laundry. Rooms are furnished for those residents who don’t bring their own furnishings. Caregivers are available 24 hours a day, and there are individual and group activities for the residents.

“It feels like home,” Josh said.

“That’s what defines us, is it’s set up like a home,” he said. “It has an open-kitchen concept, with the smells coming out into the home. My wife and I buy all the groceries …so it’s just like a big home.”

The Burlages ran the two BeeHive assisted living homes in Columbia Falls for five years, and sold them
about a year and a half ago.

“It was always kind of in our thoughts to expand down here,” Josh said. “It probably wouldn’t have happened as fast as it did, but some people approached us about getting involved in BeeHive,
which is a franchise.

Kalispell BeeHive“We had moved out from Wisconsin almost eight years ago to build in Kalispell. That was our original goal but we had struggled to find a place in Kalispell, so that’s how we settled in Columbia Falls in the first place. But we didn’t want to give up the Kalispell market.”

Jessi got her associate degree in science from Northeast Iowa Community College and is a registered nurse. Josh previously owned a landscaping and rental home business. But after seeing his grandfather die in a nursing home, he wanted to do more.

The acreage also means they have room to expand. The goal is to one day create a “senior campus,”
which will include the memory care home, two 16-bed assisted living facilities and four independent

“That’s to create a continuum on the same property,” Josh said. “Every senior who comes on the
property will have an option for them.”

The home is about half full. To set up a tour, call 406-426-2166.

“We’re really excited to be down here in Kalispell and to have residents in our care again,” he said. “We went about 18 months not having that and we missed being around seniors. They’re a great population of people, they have great stories … so it’s cool to create an environment they can come to live.

“That’s our goal, is to have a fun, healthy, happy environment in order for them to live out the
remainder of their years in quality.”

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