Apr 14

RiverStone Hospice Celebrates Past, Looks to Its Future

by Zach Benoit Photos by Bronte Wittpenn Since it first opened in October 2011, RiverStone Health Hospice Home has cared for more than 760 patients and hundreds, if not thousands, more family members. Last fall, RiverStone officials, hospice employees and others marked those five years and hundreds of patients at an anniversary gathering that provided […]

Apr 14

Functional Fitness at Home with Alpine Physical Therapy

by Kara Mantooth and Leah Versteegen, MS, DPT The term “functional fitness” refers to exercises to train and prepare your body for daily tasks. Functional exercises can be done at home, work or the gym because they often require little to no equipment. These exercises simulate common movements an individual does while performing daily tasks, […]

Apr 14

Is It Time to Downsize?

by Jesse Ramos So you’re retired, the kids are out of the house, you and your spouse finally have the place to yourself and you are ready to enjoy your retirement. The question is: do you still need a four- or five-bedroom house, with front and back yards, equipped with a swing set, sandbox, tire […]

Apr 14

Building for Boomers

by Gene Mostad A Missoula construction company has launched a new development aimed at the city’s changing demographics: homes suited to baby boomers looking to downsize and simplify as they head into retirement. Where buyers once sought two-level homes with sweeping yards and room to grow, retirees are now looking to scale back, and Mostad […]

Apr 14

Wheelchair and Walker Friendly

by Judith Graham, Kaiser Health News (TNS) When Dan Bawden teaches contractors and builders about aging-in-place, he has them get into a wheelchair. See what it’s like to try to do things from this perspective, he tells them. That’s when previously unappreciated obstacles snap into focus. Bathroom doorways are too narrow to get through. Hallways […]

Apr 14

The Legacy Assisted Living in Helena

by Erin Loranger By creating a homelike environment with a small facility and flexibility, The Legacy Assisted Living Facility is full with a waiting list. Monica Martinez, manager at The Legacy, said all 28 beds are occupied with multiple people waiting for a room. While caring staff is on site 24 hours a day, residents […]

Apr 14

Lasting Legacy in Billings

by Dillon Kato When Chad Green opened Lasting Legacy Assisted Living in Billings, he knew he had to provide something special to make it stand out in an increasingly crowded senior living market. He decided to make his number one priority the level of care his staff provides. “We always have at least one caregiver […]

Apr 14

The Peaks in Ronan

by Vince Devlin A relatively new, but rapidly growing, concept in senior living is making its way to Ronan this spring. It’s called “independent living,” and that’s what The Peaks will offer. “It’s a step below assisted living,” explains co-owner Sage Dorrington, who along with his wife Lindsey hope to have The Peaks fully open […]

Apr 14

Butterfly Homes in Billings

by Erik Olson Photos by Casey Page Ardy Robertson chose her room in the newest residence at Butterfly Homes in Billings Heights for a simple reason: the view. The former Roundup resident was the first member of Butterfly’s new assisted-living facility, so she had her pick of rooms. She chose the one with a window […]

Jan 18

Whole Foods Can Help Us

Story by Rebecca Morley, for Montana 55 What are whole foods? We may know we should eat more healthy whole foods, but sometimes we don’t know exactly what qualifies. Simply speaking, whole foods have been processed or refined as little as possible and are free from additives and artificial substances. According to a Food & […]