Jan 13

Caring for Montana’s Caregivers: AARP Supports Montana Caregiver Act Bill

Story by Tim Summers, for Montana 55 Family caregivers are an invaluable part of our state. More than 118,000 family caregivers provide about $1.4 billion in unpaid care. Their commitment allows loved ones to stay at home with their families in their own communities as they age. As the state director for AARP in Montana […]

Oct 14

Freedom Walk: Book Details Vietnam Vet’s Long Hike to Restore His Faith in Humanity

By Kim Briggeman There’s no simple reason why Greg Burham walked from Alaska to Mexico in 1974. People called him crazy for even setting out on the hike that began in Hyder, Alaska, on June 19 and ended five months later, on the nose, at the Mexican border town of Sonoyta. Maybe he was. “But […]

Oct 14

Books Worth Reading and Giving

by Barbara Theroux In the fall as the temperatures change, life tends to seek routines. Visitors are gone, lake houses are closed, classes begin and hopefully your favorite reading chair awaits. This fall there are several fascinating books that could also make great gifts. Many books celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. […]

Oct 14

To Solve Eldercare Problems, Mediation May Be the Best Option

By LaDawn Whiteside Yesterday morning, I thought about options available when solving problems related to eldercare. As I see it, there are three doors to resolving a problem. Door number one is people solving problems related to seniors and healthcare with the skills that life has taught them. Some people bully/threaten their way into a […]

Oct 14

In Fall, We Get Montana’s Jewels to Ourselves

By Rob Chaney They call Chicago the “City of the Big Shoulders,” but Montana has the Big Shoulder Season. Hordes of tourists jam Big Sky Country during the peak months of July and August, overfilling campgrounds and turning scenic drives into asphalt slogs. Few realize that September and October offer Montana’s prime time. The bugs […]

Oct 14

Preparing Your Body and Mind for the Season Ahead

By Dillon Kato While many Montanans celebrate the start of winter as the beginning of the skiing and snowboarding season, the snow and ice can also bring challenges. Here is some advice to keep you active, healthy and engaged when the weather turns frosty. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services has created […]

Oct 14

Paul Greany: Still Racing Chariots at 90

By Chelsea Davis Paul Greany’s family and friends from across the nation descended on Drummond this summer to celebrate his 90th birthday. Drummond’s rodeo grounds were filled with team roping, food, drinks and dancing – a belated party since Greany’s birthday was in February, but better fit for the sunny August day. Plus, Greany and […]

Oct 14

Pedaling Passion: All-Weather Mountain Biking Provides Fun, Fitness in your 50s

by Paula McGarvey Fitness gurus widely agree that if you pick an activity that’s fun, you are more likely to succeed at your fitness goals. Butte’s Sean Cleverly, 51, took up mountain biking in his 20s, and readily confessed that at the time, he wasn’t remotely interested in the health benefits of biking. And it’s […]

Oct 14

Rhythm of Life: A Dancer’s Story

by Zach Benoit Larry Stanfel stood on the balls of his feet with his arms stretched overhead, his gaze locked forward and his neck and back straight, seemingly pointing toward the ground under his feet at the Montana Dance Center in Billings. With the tinkling of classical piano music in the background, he held the […]

Oct 13

A Four-Point Plan for Joint Health

(BPT) – Whether it’s a brand-new Bentley or a classic 1970 Mustang, most people have a car they dream about. If they’re lucky enough to own it someday, you better believe they’re going to take care of it. Regular maintenance is an essential part of keeping a vehicle in tip-top shape. The same is true […]