Oct 23

Holiday Gifts: Buying for Someone Who Has Everything

by Betsy Cohen

Gift buying for adults of a certain age can be an exercise in frustration.

When someone has been in the world more than five or six or even seven decades, it’s fair to say they have accumulated most everything they need to function and have fun.

Most often, they are downsizing, which adds a unique twist to the gift-buying challenge.

Here are a few ideas to help make the gift-buying and gift-giving season less stressful when you are shopping for people who don’t need a lot or want a lot.

  1. Make a donation in the person’s name to his or her favorite cause or charity, such as the local food bank or animal shelter.
  2. Wrap up gift passes to the local movie theater or tickets to an upcoming concert, theater, dance or symphony production.
  3. For readers, newspaper and magazine subscriptions are a welcome treat.
  4. The gift of housecleaning or yard cleanup or garden weeding – either offer to do it yourself, or let a professional do the job – is sure to please.
  5. For those who can never find their keys, a bluetooth or GPS tracking device is essential.
  6. For a family member or friend interested in preserving their life story for future generations, the Lifebio memory journal is a book that prompts the writer to tell his or her story with more than 250 carefully crafted biography questions.
  7. Help them stay fit, feel good, have fun with a membership or a punch card to local yoga studio or fitness club.
  8. Brighten up a house – and loved one’s mood – every month with the gift of a year’s worth of fresh flowers delivered every month from a local floral shop.
  9. Give someone the adventure of learning with a gift of lessons – tango, ceramics, cooking, golf, Spanish – whatever the interest.
  10. Don’t worry about your loved ones when they are on the road or traveling. Give them an On-Call International Membership. This service provides medical and travel assistance for both domestic and international travel. It includes everything from transportation home in a medical emergency to assistance for family members (including grandchildren). For more information, go online to oncallinternational.com or call toll-free 1-800-575-5014.

Betsy Cohen is a Missoulian reporter. She can be reached at (406) 523-5253 or by email at bcohen@ missoulian.com.

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