Apr 3

Effective Retirement Planning Means Guarding Against Key Risks of Retirement

Story by Nick Taber, for Montana 55 How long will you live in retirement? The answer to the age-old question truly is: we never know our own mortality. Sure, we may have an idea of our family medical history and longevity. We understand healthy eating habits and regular exercise should keep us on the right […]

Jun 30

What is an annuity?

Story by JESSE RAMOS for Montana 55 We currently live in a point in history when people are living longer and longer lives. I don’t think there are many people who would complain about living a longer life, however, when it comes to retirement planning it does raise a bit of a concern. When you […]

Jan 13

Your Grandchildren’s Education

Story by David Erickson for Montana 55 If you’re thinking about putting money away to pay for college for your children or grandkids, there’s a better option than just letting it sit in a savings account. A 529 college savings plan is a program that offers tax advantages for those who want to put money […]

May 4

Family Finances: What to Consider

By Stacia Dahl, AARP Montana State Office Rita from Lewistown e-mailed us with this question: Last summer, my sister’s husband passed away quite unexpectedly. Her husband was always the one who handled the finances in the family and now she finds herself in the position of trying to either handle them herself or enlisting the help […]