Jan 16

Sharing the Harvest: Montana’s Community Gardens

AMY GRISAK for Montana 55 Gardens are a natural gathering place, so it’s no surprise community gardens are gaining popularity throughout Montana. From group efforts where friends share a garden to individual plots, these neighborhood growing spaces give everyone a chance to raise their own healthy food. And though the ground may be hard now, […]

Jan 16

5 Natural Things You Can Do to Look More Youthful

Going under the knife isn’t the only way to age gracefully. Here are some steps to incorporate into your daily routine to help keep your body looking and feeling sharp. 1. Practice good posture: Slouching can cause headaches, tension and a slew of other health problems. Hold your head up, roll your shoulders back and […]

Jan 18

Whole Foods Can Help Us

Story by Rebecca Morley, for Montana 55 What are whole foods? We may know we should eat more healthy whole foods, but sometimes we don’t know exactly what qualifies. Simply speaking, whole foods have been processed or refined as little as possible and are free from additives and artificial substances. According to a Food & […]

Oct 13

A Four-Point Plan for Joint Health

(BPT) – Whether it’s a brand-new Bentley or a classic 1970 Mustang, most people have a car they dream about. If they’re lucky enough to own it someday, you better believe they’re going to take care of it. Regular maintenance is an essential part of keeping a vehicle in tip-top shape. The same is true […]