Apr 14

Wheelchair and Walker Friendly

by Judith Graham, Kaiser Health News (TNS) When Dan Bawden teaches contractors and builders about aging-in-place, he has them get into a wheelchair. See what it’s like to try to do things from this perspective, he tells them. That’s when previously unappreciated obstacles snap into focus. Bathroom doorways are too narrow to get through. Hallways […]

Jan 16

Downsizing: Personal Property

by Dorothy Long If you are downsizing, making plans for travel or buying a second home in a more balmy climate, it is just as important to include your personal property along with your finances in your estate plan. Whatever your goals are for this new chapter in your life, knowing that your wishes have been clearly communicated to […]

Oct 23

Evaluation: Home Modifications

by Alice Miller Nursing homes and assisted living options are becoming less and less like the stereotype of rigidity of the past.  However, nine out of 10 seniors want to stay in their own homes as long as possible despite fall risks, according to AARP. Have a conversation about long-term care options, but if seniors […]