Oct 14

Pedaling Passion: All-Weather Mountain Biking Provides Fun, Fitness in your 50s

by Paula McGarvey Fitness gurus widely agree that if you pick an activity that’s fun, you are more likely to succeed at your fitness goals. Butte’s Sean Cleverly, 51, took up mountain biking in his 20s, and readily confessed that at the time, he wasn’t remotely interested in the health benefits of biking. And it’s […]

Oct 13

Backcountry Blogger

By Tom Kuglin Tom Kotynski’s first Montana backpack trip was 44 summers ago. The 68-year-old former Great Falls Tribune editor recalled the adventure into what is now Sluice Boxes State Park in the Little Belts, catching cutthroat trout and becoming “absolutely hooked.” He now writes and photographs for his blog, “Out there with Tom,” featuring more […]

Jul 17

Flathead Lake on My Mind

by Steve Smith Somebody recently asked me if I think the publication of acclaimed author Jon Krakauer’s book “Missoula” dealing with cops, courts, jocks, rape and rapists would diminish interest in my newly published and less controversial book, “Flathead Lake on My Mind.”

Jul 17

Senior Running

by Dillon Kato At this year’s Boston Marathon, his 10th, Missoulian Tom Halverson said he was surprised to run into a fellow Montanan who had also come across the country for the race, Governor Steve Bullock. “It was during the legislative session. If a guy like him has time to train for a marathon, anyone does,” he said.

Jul 17

Froze-To-Death Plateau: Strenuous Hike

by Martin Kidston ABSAROKEE – It’s a long way up to Froze-To-Death Plateau, like 26 switchbacks rising 3,000 feet in roughly two miles. But as the saying goes, there’s only one way up, and that’s to take it one step at a time, elevation be damned.

May 4

Touring Montana

by Vince Devlin Quick: What’s the fastest way to visit all 56 Montana county seats? The answer depends on whether you’re a crow or a computer whiz. A crow can fly the shortest route in 2,469.64 miles. That would allow it to zip over the Bitterroot Mountains from Hamilton to Superior while skipping Missoula, and make straight shots from […]