Sep 27

Hamilton Woman Is ‘Montana’s Super Classic Mrs.’

Story by MICHELLE MCCONNAHA Justine Wagner is “Montana’s Super Classic Mrs.” The Hamilton resident has been investing in the community for years. She has been president of the Hamilton Kiwanis, actively involved in their youth-supportive program, and about to begin her term as Lt. Governor for Kiwanis District One for the Montana District of Kiwanis. […]

Sep 26

From Helena to the Denver Broncos and Back: Man Reflects on Time in NFL

Story by BRIAN D’AMBROSIO Montanan Bob McCullough played in every Denver Broncos’ games between 1962 and 1965 — all 56, to be exact. McCullough was born Nov. 18, 1940, in Helena. He was a strong, precocious kid with a naturally husky frame. McCullough’s father, Bob Sr., was a native of Boulder and a traveling salesman […]

Sep 26

Creating the Freedom: Art Reminds Us of Entitlement to Peace

Story by BRIAN D’AMBROSIO In the long, dry draw of the soil west of Cascade, there is the unconstrained stillness of the contiguous buttes, the almost heroic-looking profile of Mount Cecelia. There is the silence of the free terrain where more than a century ago, the shotgun-toting, cigar-smoking former slave “Stagecoach” Mary Fields delivered mail […]

Jun 30

Creating a movement toward health: Blackfeet tribal member brings together generations

Story by RACHEL CRISP PHILIPS for Montana 55 Alger Swingley is a hard worker. With his job as an outfitter, he’s always done plenty of hiking and guiding across the great Montana outdoors. So when he was asked to start a Blackfeet team for the Montana Spartan Beast Race in 2015, as he neared 60 […]

Jun 30

Taking the plunge: One writer’s journey in checking off a bucket list item

Story by JANICE MINEER for Montana 55 I never wanted to jump out of an airplane. That was never on my bucket list and I imagine if it was, my list would become as short as the time it would take me to hit the ground. No, I always wanted to do something much more […]

Jun 30

Spirit out of the trees: A life of woodworker Tim Carney

Story by Brian D’Ambrosio Photos by Tim Carney Timothy Carney’s woodwork is both a mark of respect and a living will. His work is a lifetime of exertion requiring strength as well as a steady execution of choice. Perhaps, most importantly, his woodwork indicates a lifetime of staying true and points toward the most thoughtful […]

Jan 18

A ‘Flawless Pianist’

Woman returns to UM in her retirement Story by Lucy Beighle, for Montana 55 Photos by Tyler Wilson, for Montana 55 One of Barbara Blegen’s earliest memories is running around the University Theatre (now known as the Dennison Theatre) at the University of Montana, at the age of 6 or 7. Her mother, Dorothy Anderson […]

Jan 13

Master of His Craft

Story by David Erickson, for Montana 55 | Photos by Tommy Martino, for Montana 55 One of the world’s most respected luthiers is, probably while you are reading this, quietly working on another handmade guitar in an unassuming shop in the woods, way up Petty Creek Road west of Missoula. John Walker builds high-end custom […]

Jan 13

A Writer and a Gentleman

James Lee Burke Reflects on Life and Work as He Releases New Book Story by Cory Walsh. for Montana 55 | Photos By Kurt Wilson, for Montana 55 To James Lee Burke, the appropriate response to many questions arrives in the form of a story. The author, who turned 80 in December, said that in […]

Jan 13

Part Call and Part Art: Montana Man’s Handiwork Helps Put Birds on the Table

Story by Tom Kuglin, for Montana 55 Photos by Thom Bridge, for Montana 55 In the expert hands of Bob Gibson, the dark brown walnut paddle met reddish cedar with a tiny puff of blue chalk, producing a rhythmic yelp that echoed in the smallshop. “The cedar has long fibers and vibrates, but the other […]