Oct 14

Freedom Walk: Book Details Vietnam Vet’s Long Hike to Restore His Faith in Humanity

By Kim Briggeman There’s no simple reason why Greg Burham walked from Alaska to Mexico in 1974. People called him crazy for even setting out on the hike that began in Hyder, Alaska, on June 19 and ended five months later, on the nose, at the Mexican border town of Sonoyta. Maybe he was. “But […]

Oct 14

Paul Greany: Still Racing Chariots at 90

By Chelsea Davis Paul Greany’s family and friends from across the nation descended on Drummond this summer to celebrate his 90th birthday. Drummond’s rodeo grounds were filled with team roping, food, drinks and dancing – a belated party since Greany’s birthday was in February, but better fit for the sunny August day. Plus, Greany and […]

Oct 14

Rhythm of Life: A Dancer’s Story

by Zach Benoit Larry Stanfel stood on the balls of his feet with his arms stretched overhead, his gaze locked forward and his neck and back straight, seemingly pointing toward the ground under his feet at the Montana Dance Center in Billings. With the tinkling of classical piano music in the background, he held the […]

Aug 4

Hidden Gems: Aaron Parrett’s Territorial Press

by Brian D’Ambrosio for Montana 55 photos by Gary Pemble Printing was sustainable before ‘sustainability’ became a buzzword. Before the age of offset printing, ‘handmade’ was not only customary in the industry – it was the only way of life . Letterpress artist Aaron Parrett is tracking the painstaking path of J. Allen Hosmer, who […]

Aug 4


by Tom Kuglin, Independent Record photos by Thom Bridge, Independent Record On the banks of the Missouri River, the stacks of bamboo piled high in Ron Bone’s workshop almost seem out of place surrounded by pine-dominated cliffs. Bone reached for one of the stalks of hollow grass that traveled thousands of miles from Asia to […]

Oct 9

Beyond a Fishing Story

by David McCumber THREE FORKS – If there’s one thing just about everybody in Montana who cares about trout fishing has agreed on for the past six or seven decades, it’s that Bud Lilly is a really nice guy. Well, yes, most of the time. But it must be told: Bud Lilly has a sadistic […]

May 4

New Cancer Treatment: Experimental Options

by Chris Cioffi In the nearly two years after Billings resident Mary Ellen Hitron, 64, was diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma – the most common form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma – she has always believed that she would beat the cancer.