Apr 14

Should You Get Another Dog?

by Wina Sturgeon, Adventure Sports Weekly It happens to all dog lovers as they get older. Your frisky pup that used to romp over hiking trails with you and run through tall grass starts slowing down. Eventually, your beloved dog either dies of old age and illness or must be euthanized to end their pain. […]

Apr 14

Alone and Aging: Creating a Safety Net for Isolated Seniors

by Sharon Jayson, Kaiser Health News Phyllis Krantzman knows what she should do, but like many of her peers, the 71-year-old doesn’t know how to approach a casual acquaintance to ask who will take care of her when she needs it most. Krantzman is among a growing number of seniors who find themselves alone just […]

Jan 13

Normal Sex Life as We Age? It’s Complicated

Story by Jill Daly , Tribune News Service There’s no one right answer for women who wonder if their sex life is normal in their midlife years, and there are doctors who say they can prove it. In an attempt to go beyond surveys of women in their 40s and 50s asking them about their […]

Oct 13

Transitions Network Helps Women Take the Leap into Retirement

By Susan Olp Chris Easton taught school in Billings for 27 years, and spent the next eight working full-time as education outreach coordinator for the Montana National Guard. When she retired in 2013, Easton found herself at loose ends. So much of what had occupied her time for so long was now behind her. “It’s […]

Oct 13

Backcountry Blogger

By Tom Kuglin Tom Kotynski’s first Montana backpack trip was 44 summers ago. The 68-year-old former Great Falls Tribune editor recalled the adventure into what is now Sluice Boxes State Park in the Little Belts, catching cutthroat trout and becoming “absolutely hooked.” He now writes and photographs for his blog, “Out there with Tom,” featuring more […]

Aug 4

Wherever You Are, Be a Part of It

by Tom Kuglin, Independent Record Mary Douglas and Harry Israel enjoy the retired life. The 80- and 81-year-old wife and husband have the time to travel, venture outdoors hiking or biking, volunteer for organizations and advocate for causes important to them. Since one of those big interests being advocating for is public lands, western Montana […]

Aug 3

More Fun Than Anyone

by Jenny Montgomery for Montana 55 Photos by Kurt Wilson, Missoulian When she first saw it in 2011, Andria Beers’ vintage trailer was in a sorry state. Glimpsed from the road in East Missoula, it looked promising with its post-war, aircraft-style aluminum construction. But could it be brought back to life? As it turned out, […]

Aug 3

Never Too Old

by Tom Kuglin, Independent Record Retirement for many people means kicking back and relaxing, but when John Burnside sold his Meineke Car Care Center in Helena last December, he decided to spend part of his golden years bicycling across the country. John, 75, recently completed a 2,700-mile bike ride from the Pacific to Atlantic, which […]

Apr 12

Renovate for Golden Years

by Stacie Duce Contractors in Montana offered the following suggestions for transitioning a home to match the needs or wants of senior living: CABINETRY Wendy Bauder of B&B Cabinetry Design Company in Hamilton has worked with many seniors to redesign kitchens and bathrooms to meet new needs and preferences. “We recently designed a kitchen for […]

Jan 15

Caring for Tribal Elders

by Debra Whitman I grew up next to the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington state and I remember how native elders were revered throughout the community. At the annual powwow the elders shared their history through song and dance, and all generations sat together, joining in the chanting and drumming.