Jan 15

Retirement That Counts

by Tom Lutey Don Roberts wasn’t sure what he was getting into when a nurse approached him about performing oral surgery in Tanzania.

Jan 15

Foster Grandparents

by Kim Briggeman Stories are the most important story of the Foster Grandparent program, in Montana and elsewhere. There are thousands to tell from the 50 years since Sargent Shriver developed the federal program as part of President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty.

Jan 15

Memories Through Cars

By Keila Szpaller Dwain Wright fell in love with the ’66 Pontiac GTO the moment he set eyes on it. In 1977, he bought the dusty blue muscle car on the spot for $2,400, and he didn’t sell it until last year. In nearly 40 years, Wright replaced the front seat covers, fixed the cracked […]

Jan 15

Marylee’s Moose

by Brett French The bull moose stood 7-foot tall at the shoulders, weighed more than a quarter of a ton and carried antlers almost 4 feet wide, yet Marylee Moreland wasn’t the least bit intimidated.

Jan 15

Surviving War Hero

by Kim Briggeman David Thatcher, war hero, is doing fine these days. He uses a cane and walker at times – all those years of tromping the pavement of Missoula delivering the mail finally took their toll on his knees.

Oct 21

Active in Winter

by Peter Friessen Staying active during winter is hard in Montana. There doesn’t seem to be much to do in the cold, snowy weather that envelopes the state for half the year – unless you ski or snowboard.

Oct 9

Benefits of Older Employees

by Dillon Kato A new study by the AARP spells out the benefits of businesses hiring older employees for job openings, including higher work ethic and lower turnover.

Oct 9

Venerable Grizzly

by AJ Mazzolini Her stepfather has always had a mind that holds on to details, MaryAnne Dowdall explains, especially when it comes to football. “If you want to know somebody who coached a high school team somewhere in 1950-something, he could tell you who it was and where they ended up,” she says.

Jul 17

Senior Running

by Dillon Kato At this year’s Boston Marathon, his 10th, Missoulian Tom Halverson said he was surprised to run into a fellow Montanan who had also come across the country for the race, Governor Steve Bullock. “It was during the legislative session. If a guy like him has time to train for a marathon, anyone does,” he said.

Jul 17

Protect Grandkids

by Bart Klika As a bystander, I wanted to help, but how? Should I go talk to the dad? Should I ignore the situation altogether – after all, shouldn’t I mind my own darn business? In the end, I smiled at the father and said, “I have been there before.” If you are like me, you continually find yourself […]