Oct 13

Get Out and Enjoy the Colors, Sights and Tastes of Fall

by Rob Rogers The weather is changing and it’s a perfect time to pull on your favorite sweater and hit the road. Montana really steps into its own come fall. The entire state comes alive as it wraps itself in all its autumnal glory. Best of all, says Jerry Kessler, a retiree and volunteer with […]

Jul 17

Dearborn River: Easy Day Hike

by Rob Chaney CRAIG – The Dearborn River offers your paddling Goldilocks a classic three-bears set of options. The upper third coming out of the Scapegoat Wilderness is Baby Bear, with a little stonewalled water park just outside the wilderness boundary popular with summer swimmers and a dramatic canyon near Bean Lake along its 16-mile reach where kayakers […]

Jul 17

Ptarmigan Tunnel: Moderate Hike

by Sherry Devlin GLACIER NATIONAL PARK – Legend has it, park rangers opened the doors of the Ptarmigan Tunnel one spring to be greeted by a hungry – read, grumpy – grizzly bear. Seems the bruin had denned in the tunnel, not realizing there would be no escape once winter’s snows blocked all retreat.

Jul 17

Froze-To-Death Plateau: Strenuous Hike

by Martin Kidston ABSAROKEE – It’s a long way up to Froze-To-Death Plateau, like 26 switchbacks rising 3,000 feet in roughly two miles. But as the saying goes, there’s only one way up, and that’s to take it one step at a time, elevation be damned.