Jun 30

Creating a movement toward health: Blackfeet tribal member brings together generations

Story by RACHEL CRISP PHILIPS for Montana 55 Alger Swingley is a hard worker. With his job as an outfitter, he’s always done plenty of hiking and guiding across the great Montana outdoors. So when he was asked to start a Blackfeet team for the Montana Spartan Beast Race in 2015, as he neared 60 […]

Apr 14

Functional Fitness at Home with Alpine Physical Therapy

by Kara Mantooth and Leah Versteegen, MS, DPT The term “functional fitness” refers to exercises to train and prepare your body for daily tasks. Functional exercises can be done at home, work or the gym because they often require little to no equipment. These exercises simulate common movements an individual does while performing daily tasks, […]

Jan 15

Live Strong and Prosper

by Brace Hayden There are many advantages to maintaining your muscle and bone health as you age, the least of which might be living long enough to see then ext “Star Trek” series for more sage advice from ancient sci-fi heroes like Mr. Spock.