Sep 26

A Playbook for Managing Problems in the Last Chapter of Your Life

Story by JUDITH GRAHAM At least once a day, Dr. Lee Ann Lindquist gets an urgent phone call. “Mom fell and is in the hospital,” a concerned son might report. “Dad got lost with the car, and we need to stop him from driving,” a distraught daughter may explain. “We don’t know what to do.” […]

Jan 13

Normal Sex Life as We Age? It’s Complicated

Story by Jill Daly , Tribune News Service There’s no one right answer for women who wonder if their sex life is normal in their midlife years, and there are doctors who say they can prove it. In an attempt to go beyond surveys of women in their 40s and 50s asking them about their […]

Oct 14

Preparing Your Body and Mind for the Season Ahead

By Dillon Kato While many Montanans celebrate the start of winter as the beginning of the skiing and snowboarding season, the snow and ice can also bring challenges. Here is some advice to keep you active, healthy and engaged when the weather turns frosty. The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services has created […]

Aug 4

Working Out Means Keeping Your Brain Healthy

by Brace Hayden for Montana 55 According the recent U.S. Census, the population older than 65 is predicted to double during the next 25 years, growing to 70 million by 2030. Along with the swell of the senior tsunami, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases is estimated to increase by as much as […]

Apr 12

PT Keeps Joints Moving

by Brace Hayden You have probably experienced the grinding noise your neck makes when you are looking over your shoulder as you back your car out of the driveway and rotate your neck. Or you have stepped down from your front porch to get the morning newspaper and your knees creak as you bend. Should […]

Oct 9

Pneumonia Vaccine

by Sara Heineman Did you know there are two different pneumonia vaccines? Are you confused about which one you should get? Well, here’s the scoop on the alphabet soup of acronyms.

Oct 9

Flu Season: Time to Get Vaccinated

by Peter Friessen The influenza season can be a dangerous time for everyone, but especially for young children and seniors. Both age groups have weaker immune systems that have a harder time fighting off disease and infection, though both age groups also have many options for staying healthy through the winter.

Jul 17

Medicare: Preventive Care Services

by Sue Bailey Question: I have heard that Medicare covers some preventative care services and they might be free. Is this true? Answer: As part of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare has increased the number of preventative services and in many cases has eliminated the previous deductibles and co-insurance associated with the services. The following is a list […]

Jan 17

Fall Risk and Prevention

by Dillon Kato As they age, many people begin to experience difficulties with balance. This can range from minor to major instability on their feet to feelings of intense lightheadedness or vertigo. In the winter, when snow and ice make walking around even more difficult, these issues can be even greater. Fortunately,these problems often have […]

Oct 23

Flu Shots: A Lifesaving Idea

by Stacia Dahl Q: My grandmother doesn’t believe in flu shots and she refuses to get one. I have heard that getting a flu shot becomes more important as you get older. Is this true and, if so, how do I convince her to start getting one?     -Pat from Great Falls A:  You are correct […]