Apr 14

Should You Get Another Dog?

by Wina Sturgeon, Adventure Sports Weekly It happens to all dog lovers as they get older. Your frisky pup that used to romp over hiking trails with you and run through tall grass starts slowing down. Eventually, your beloved dog either dies of old age and illness or must be euthanized to end their pain. […]

Jul 17

Golden Years: Live with Purpose and Passion

by Lynn Stumberg How do we, as seniors, continue to live with purpose and passion, even in our golden years? In fact, for most of us, are our golden years really golden? Obviously, we all face new challenges as we age. Declining strength, eyesight, bone mass and hearing are just a few of these changes we experience.

Jul 17

Simplify with Lists

by Joy Earls More than a decade ago, I met my siblings for a rendezvous. Since our parents are gone, we make an effort to reconnect regularly. Las Vegas was the agreed upon destination because of its easy access and low cost. I was exhausted by day one with little sleep and lots of talk, as we all […]