Jun 30

Spirit out of the trees: A life of woodworker Tim Carney

Story by Brian D’Ambrosio Photos by Tim Carney Timothy Carney’s woodwork is both a mark of respect and a living will. His work is a lifetime of exertion requiring strength as well as a steady execution of choice. Perhaps, most importantly, his woodwork indicates a lifetime of staying true and points toward the most thoughtful […]

Aug 4

Hidden Gems: Aaron Parrett’s Territorial Press

by Brian D’Ambrosio for Montana 55 photos by Gary Pemble Printing was sustainable before ‘sustainability’ became a buzzword. Before the age of offset printing, ‘handmade’ was not only customary in the industry – it was the only way of life . Letterpress artist Aaron Parrett is tracking the painstaking path of J. Allen Hosmer, who […]

Aug 4


by Tom Kuglin, Independent Record photos by Thom Bridge, Independent Record On the banks of the Missouri River, the stacks of bamboo piled high in Ron Bone’s workshop almost seem out of place surrounded by pine-dominated cliffs. Bone reached for one of the stalks of hollow grass that traveled thousands of miles from Asia to […]