Apr 3

Ways for Seniors – Even Those as Young as 55 – to Save Money

Story by Debbie Carlson, Tribune News Service Senior citizens can make their golden years shine even more by taking advantage of the many discounts offered by retailers. For years, it was mainly restaurants that offered seniors discounts, whether early-bird dinner specials or a free beverage with a purchase, and many continue to give seniors some […]

Apr 3

New Services, Technologies Can Help with Aging in Place

Story by Katherine Roth, Associated Press There is nothing quite as devastating for many older people as having to leave the comfort of home because of poor health or limited mobility. But a new generation of services and technology is making it possible to stay at home longer, safely and happily, experts say. “Most people […]

Apr 3

Tips and Tricks for Successful Aging in Place

Story by Autumn Gaylor, for Montana 55 As the baby boomer population reaches 65 years of age and older, the growing concern for safety in the home and in the community rises. The number of people age 65 and over has continued to grow over the past 18 years and now accounts for more than […]

Jan 16

Embracing the Positives of Aging

JUDITH GRAHAM Kaiser Health News What can be done about negative stereotypes that portray older adults as out-of-touch, useless, feeble, incompetent, pitiful and irrelevant? From late-night TV comedy shows, where supposedly clueless older people are the butt of jokes, to ads for anti-aging creams equating youth with beauty and wrinkles with decay, harsh and unflattering […]

Jan 16

60 is the new 40: cosmetic procedures for boomers and beyond are on the rise

SARA BAUKNECHT Tribune News Service If age is said to be a state of mind, then why not match your look on the outside to the way you feel on the inside? A rising number of boomers and beyond are trying to achieve just that, with help from cosmetic procedures–especially nonsurgical ones with little or […]

Sep 26

Older People Dying on the Job at Higher Rate Than All Workers

Story by MARIA INES ZAMUDIO and MICHELLE MINKOFF Older people are dying on the job at a higher rate than workers overall, even as the rate of workplace fatalities decreases, according to an Associated Press analysis of federal statistics. It’s a trend that’s particularly alarming as baby boomers reject the traditional retirement age of 65 […]

Apr 14

Alone and Aging: Creating a Safety Net for Isolated Seniors

by Sharon Jayson, Kaiser Health News Phyllis Krantzman knows what she should do, but like many of her peers, the 71-year-old doesn’t know how to approach a casual acquaintance to ask who will take care of her when she needs it most. Krantzman is among a growing number of seniors who find themselves alone just […]