Westhills Assisted Living Home

by Michelle McConnaha

Providing residents with privacy in a home environment is the goal of a new assisted living home in Hamilton.

Alina Goman is the owner and administrator of the Westhills Assisted Living Home a beautiful 6,000 square foot home, her husband, Gabriel, built near Blodgett Canyon in Hamilton. The couple hosted an open house March 12.

“I want the residents to have a fulfilling life here,” Alina Goman said. “I want them to have
life-enriching activities like gardening, clubs and groups.”

The couple came from Romania, Gabriel in 1984, and Alina in 2000. They lived in Seattle for 15 years.

Alina Goman said she worked in caregiving and operating a long-term care facility for seniors by helping her in-laws with their assisted living facility. She worked as a contracted individual care provider for the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services for 11 years, from 2001 to 2012, and owned her own assisted living home for three years in Lynnwood, Washington from 2006 to 2009. She also worked as a release resident manager and care provider for numerous Adult Family Homes.

The couple decided they wanted to move from Washington and searched for better schools and opportunities for their three children.

Gabriel Goman said he designed the beautiful home for eight residents meeting all ADA requirements.

“People want their privacy,” Gabriel Goman said. “They have been autonomous their whole lives and the last thing they want to do is lose it at the end of their lives. So if you give them privacy but in a home environment where there’s a family around it really works out.”

Alina and Gabriel Goman stand in front of the Westhills Assisted Living Home they designed to offer residents privacy in a home environment.

At Westhills Assisted Living Home, each 250-300 square foot bedroom is unique with its own closet, call center, communication system, space for a television, high-speed Internet, sprinkler system, 20 Amp electrical wiring to support medical devices, and most have a fireplace, private bathroom with a walk in shower, and private entrance with a patio or deck. The community spaces on each floor include a home theatre, a central room, a dining room and laundry facilities. The large room upstairs has a beautiful view of the Bitterroot Valley and an electronic keyboard that Gabriel Goman plays beautifully.

“If people want, we can furnish their room for them, but most people like to bring their own furnishings,” Alina Goman said.

There are beautiful grounds with a garden and a creek that runs most of the year. Alina Goman said they
plan to build a gazebo and raised garden beds for the residents.

The care giving portion of the facility will include a caring family on-site, a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience, a doctor on call, and the home is in close proximity to the hospital.

Alina Goman said she is more than a business owner. “I do every aspect and bring extensive experience. I am a licensed care giver and special manager of mental health and dementia training,” Alina Goman said. “At the end of 2000, my dad had a stroke and it was a life changing moment for me. It is a challenging job and I did not think it would be a career but after seeing my dad it was so comforting for me to provide care for other people.”

Alina Goman said at that moment, providing care became more than a job.

“I take care of each person the way I would take care of my dad,” she said. “It is very emotional for me. Every resident that I have is someone’s father. I think you need a heart to go into this job. I want to help residents use their strengths and interests, be as independent as possible, and have something to do with a purpose.”

The new care facility serves residents needing light care, officially category A. It can have up to five residents needing more care and skilled nursing care, category B. There are plans to add a category C endorsement in the very near future for residents with severe cognitive and memory impairment.

The Westhills Assisted Living Home has a very large kitchen. Alina Goman handles the cooking.

“I like food and I think good food is very important,” Alina Goman said. “I can accommodate any diet but it also has to be quality of life. I want the food to be great tasting.”

Gabriel Goman said he believes they will be successful because they are committed.

“You’ve got to do this the right way. You have to pay attention and you have to be there,” he said. “It is a hands-on experience. People feel the love and connect right away. We feel really blessed to be out here.”

The Westhills Assisted Living Home is located at 121 West Hills Way in Hamilton.

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